Glenn's Weekly Motivational-You Need More Risky Behavior

October 22, 2019

Photo by iStock / Getty Images Plus

The writing was definitely on the wall for the type of day it was gonna be yesterday. First of all:

1. It was Monday

2. I had a headache

3. Nothing good happens on a Monday

I woke up, barely, and grabbed a banana and got my son Cooper ready for our yearly adventure of Doughnuts with Dudes at his school. I love this time with him so much as we go back and forth between meaningful conversations combined with sentimental slobber from sensitive me. He grabbed a doughnut and an orange and I grabbed another banana and black coffee.

After I said goodbye to him, I headed out to my morning run. I try and run 3 times a week to clear my head and feel healthy. Plus, the trees are stunning right now. As I began to run, I suddenly felt invincible. It hit me at mile 4 that I didn’t want to stop..and so I didn’t. Could I do a half marathon today? I haven’t ran that far since 2010, and even then I barely made it. What the heck, I’m gonna go for it. As we get older, it becomes more about proving to ourselves that we still have it rather than the medal at the end.

I still had it, and I shaved off 5 minutes from my last half almost 10 years ago. I am not posting for the accolades, congratulations, or virtual pats on the back. I am not here to bore you with calories burned, average mile pace, or my route. No one cares about that but me..I want you to know that how yesterday started out was not how it ended, and that’s because I made a choice. Everything in me said give in to the headache and Monday blues, but I chose not to.

Sometimes, we are so set in our routines that we are afraid to rock the boat. We make every possible excuse as to why something can’t happen. If you could do something today and know you could accomplish it, what would it be?

How many moments in life could you conquer if you told yourself it didn’t matter if you fail? Let’s say I ran 9 miles and physically couldn’t move. How much better would I had felt knowing I tried?

Many if not all of us are in a life situation where we can’t just chase our dreams. We have jobs, we have responsibilities, and you just can’t pursue opening up a winery or a boutique when you have to put food on the table, or you have kids, or limited resources, or all of that. Self help books tell you to take risks or you’ll never grow. Easier said than done...But are you taking ANY risks?

Running may seem dumb, but it was a small chance I took and it brought about positive changes in my attitude. I feel like I can conquer the world. Maybe I can, who knows, but every choice motivates you in such a way, that the impossible seems ever so closer to achieving.

Find those areas of your life where failure doesn’t matter, and not trying does. Accomplish those often. Maybe it’s an exercise thing. a family relationship that needs patching up, exploring your faith, a new hobby, a new skill, or a romantic relationship. Only when you conquer the small things in life can you more aptly conquer the big life-changing ones.

And if anyone Is opening a winery, let me know. I have size 12’s which is great for the grape stomping process.

All my best as you conquer the relationships and skills for your best life xoxo Glenn