Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Work Through The Uncomfortable

August 4, 2020

Photo by Getty Images-Free IStock

Yeah, my family is starting to lose it.

Every one of us, getting irritated for the silliest reasons. Carter fighting with Cooper because his tablet is dead. Madelyn fighting with Steph because she had a food wrapper in her room and we don't want ants in a pandemic. I'm fighting with Steph because..Well, just because I'm alive and so is she and all of my slightly annoying habits are now incredibly annoying and so are hers...

And so, we all turn to social media for that escape, and everyone there is annoying too. Who thinks kids belong in school, who thinks they belong at home? Who is forming parent groups to support their argument, and who thinks masks are dumb? In fact, I even saw someone post about how angry it makes them that a large for-sale sign was posted near the entrance of our development and how this causes them stress. Such problems!!! Social media has become the gateway drug to full-fledged negativity addiction..and the more I read, the more I feel I need a 12 step program..

In a "what's wrong with the world" rage, I turned to Steph to b**** and complain about all the people b******* and c********** (wait, that last one didn't need blocking).

"Why is everyone so opinionated and negative?", I asked. "Don't they realize that there are people suffering with real problems and sickness, and your inconveniences in life don't really count in the grand scheme of things?"

"Everyone is working through the uncomfortable", she said. And that's when it dawned on me that we all just....Well, we all just need a little more grace for people.

The person who wants their kid in school is working through stuff. Maybe they have underlying circumstances. Maybe there is sickness or other issues that we don't know about, and so we can judge that they are being selfish...Or we can let them work through the uncomfortable.

The person who is complaining for some other dumb reason, may in fact, be dealing with other more pressing issues..and so you can complain, or you can give them grace.

I tell you this because I struggle too. The enormous amount of negativity in the world right now is exacerbating my own outlook on life. I have all the same issues as you. I want my kids in school, but I also want them to be safe. Wear a mask and stop trying to fight your freedom. Food pics over conflicts. Netflix over politics. Positivity over sensitivity.

As you go through your day to day, pause before you react and let people work through the uncomfortable. This is all new for everyone. I've lived 47 years and never had to wear a mask. All of our routines are anything but. Our kids have had a tremendous time trying to adjust. As much as we crave routine, or kids thrive on it. Take a step back. Offer grace. And work through your own uncomfortable.

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it xoxoxo Glenn