Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Why You Need A Hobby

March 3, 2020
girl hobby

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"People aren't ignoring you. They are busy with their lives. And the way to stop feeling ignored is to get busy with yours"

I read that quote this morning, and it spoke to me. How often have you've been waiting for just the right response, or waiting FOR a response only to be let down? Perhaps someone was short, perhaps you read into their tone, perhaps you were just plain disappointed and you don't even know why, but it was a gut feeling. I can't tell you the number of times this has happened to me in the past, where someone didn't react the way Glenn thought they should. It has gotten me in emotional trouble with loved ones, friends, co-workers, and more. They must not like me, they must hate me because they didn't respond according to my timeline, where are the smiley faces and exclamation marks? Why aren't you doing it like me?

Because people are busy with their lives and I need to get busy with mine..And so do you.

That's not to say I'm sitting home alone conjuring up the list of people who did me wrong like Steve Buscemi's character did in Billy Madison. But why waste any time at all? Sooner or later, if this is what brings you emotional satisfaction, you will be at the mercy of whoever you are talking to and their emotional state of being in that moment. It sounds exhausting, so I got busy with my life.

I have found that my family brings me great happiness, so does my job, and my friends, but none keep me content all the time, and I would be foolish to think otherwise. That's where I need to be responsible for my own well being so I can be my best towards the people that count on me.

Do you have hobby? I'm not saying a side hustle, but something that truly makes you happy just to do it? I have a list of things that bring me satisfaction, everything from setting up my old band equipment downstairs and learning new songs, to woodworking and remodeling, to new things I hope to learn in 2020 like wine and pickle making. Why not? Why not take control of my own well being and not rely on others to do that?

Do you make time to indulge in a hobby? We all have the time if we choose what's important. I can't begin to tell you the satisfaction I get when I learn all the chords to Bohemian Rhapsody, when I make a homemade shelf to hang on the wall, and the anticipation of learning some of my greatest food and wine passions. I'm responsible for my own well-being, not others.

Others are busy living life. The way to stop feeling ignored, is to start living yours. This is working for me and it'll work for you, too...Let me know if you want an invite to the first annual Anderson Wine and Pickle Fest

All my best as you figure out life, and the relationships in it xoxox Glenn