Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Why Do We Need Traditions?

October 15, 2019

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio

Traditions. I realized just how important they were when the place we normally take fall photos at was closed for the year. We have watched our children grow up in those photos, taken at the same spot, at almost the same time each year for the past decade, and now..we had to find a new place...and it wasn’t the same.

Traditions were always for old people, trying to keep some sort of annual thing going that gave them a pic to put into a dumb photo album. Don’t they realize that as a kid, I don’t wanna get dressed up and visit a park, or the mall Easter Bunny, or Aunt Jan and pose with her peach cobbler? It wasn’t even that good.

Traditions have a way of sneaking up on you, and you realize that not only do they bring a sense of comfort this time of year, but how completely necessary they are. When you reflect on your childhood, what do you remember about your grandparents? What do you remember about your life? Chances are, it was those dumb traditions.

The birthdays, taking the annual trip downtown to see the lights, the smell of Christmas dinner, and the games you played. For my extended family, it was always bingo and bourbon. I never did understand why those games would get so intense. Now I know..brown liquor.

Life doesn't remain constant. People die, traditions change, but one thing remains, the need to create new ones. Kids have a way of making you think about that annual trip to the Apple orchard, and how you'll be boring the heck out of your kids till the light falls just the right way and they take the perfect bite of their Macintosh while acting like they enjoy their siblings... But here's the thing, it doesn’t take kids to create and cherish those moments. It takes effort, and an understanding of delayed gratification knowing that whatever you do may not be appreciated for years to come.

So, I’ll continue to find apple orchards, cart them to Mr. Kringle, and pose them in matching clothes like they’re The Backstreet Boys and this is the cover of the Millennium album. Soon enough, it’ll be all they remember and cherish from their childhood.

I also think Bourbon and Bingo would be a great name for a mixed-use facility on East 4th.

All my best as you figure out the relationships in your life xoxo Glenn