Glenn's Weekly Motivational-When You Can't See The Rainbow

March 17, 2020
patricks day

Photo by iStock / Getty Images Plus

In 2011, we took my 2 month old son Cooper on a cross country trip to Seattle to visit my sister. We arrived just in time for a weather event that completely shut down the city.

They had 5 inches of snow.

Very few plows, lots of mountains, and driveways with steep inclines all but made it impossible to leave your house. People began stockpiling essentials from the grocery store and shelves were soon bare, including diapers which seemed kind of important with a two month old.

1 day turned into 2...and then 3 and 4.. Flights were having trouble coming in and out, and the aggressive itinerary we had to see sights and eat stuff was abolished. There were six of us in a tiny house with no where to go.. and we wanted to go, and my sister wanted us to go. It's amazing how a baby cry in a small house can make you cringe like a group of tweens trying to suck soup through their expanders.

We all settled in with family game days, sled riding down the driveway, and who can invent the best makeshift diaper? Paper towels aren't it, but nice try Madelyn.

And we arrived home after a week, exhausted and needing a vacation, and on each other's nerves for everything, and vowing..without nary an exception..that was the best trip ever.

You see, every trip or experience has the real-time aspect to it, and the memory you're left with..When we go down memory lane, that trip was filled with laughter and family bonding we would not have experienced nearly as much if we just would've followed our aggressive itinerary. Having to figure things out as a team can and will bond you in ways you can never imagine, and you won't imagine.. certainly in the moment.

Right now it's hard. I may be a parent, but I'm not a classroom teacher. We are all stuck with nothing to do and nowhere to go. I find myself pulling a Paul Rudd in "This is 40", retreating to the bathroom oasis, the door with the lock, and sometimes I sneak in a cookie, or a glass of alcohol and turn on the bathroom fan, not because I'm having a moment, but to drown out the 3 moments rights outside the door...Everyone is getting on each other's nerves for the silliest reasons. In fact as I write this, the kids are currently screaming at each other because Cooper keeps touching Carter and getting in his space. I am reminded of the old Bill Cosby routine "Will you stop touching me"??. Funny stuff...Even though it's no longer appropriate to make those references.

People have it harder than you, and people have it easier than you. Some people are struggling with boredom and unruly kids, while other's are struggling to pay their bills or how to bury a loved one. Have compassion for all, but realize complaining about your personal situation or whether we are overreacting or not on Facebook isn't the best use of the medium. We help ourselves by helping others, not comparing our situations.

The biggest key to maintaining normalcy is to maintain human contact. Social distancing makes us feel alone and isolated. I'm a people person and I need people. Maybe you're in a nursing home, maybe you are sick, maybe you're a parent and have no one to talk to other than your kids, maybe you're alone, maybe you're widowed, maybe you need human interaction like I do. Call me...Call me now.

216-578-1021. I'm at the Star 102 studios everyday from 3-7. Call me, and we can talk about anything. Call me and we can laugh or we can cry, but I am here. We help ourselves by helping others, and sometimes a few minutes of conversation followed by your favorite song is all it takes to get in a good head space.

We're all gonna figure this out. Today is St. Patrick's Day, but I think you're gonna have a hard time finding a rainbow..In the days, weeks, and months to come, my prayer is that you find it..Right where you're at, with the people who are irritating you the most.

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it xoxox Glenn