Glenn's Weekly Motivational-When The Holidays Aren't Happy

November 26, 2019
worried christmas

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Thursday is Thanksgiving and as a society, we are inundated with images of happy families, traditions, and turkey. It's a time to be thankful, it's a time to reflect, but it's not always a time to be happy.

For many, the holidays are a time when we reflect on what USED to be. What traditions we USED to observe, whose house we USED to visit, and the food we USED to eat. When people pass away around the holidays, when there's a divorce or an illness, it can rob you of the spirit of the holidays. Many are left to feel hopeless, and the sights and sounds of happy families drive people deeper into depression.

Two years ago, I watched Steph's uncle take his last breaths in a hospital bed in the early hours after our Thanksgiving feast. I've had many close relatives pass around this time of year, as I'm sure you have too. That feeling of loss is what keeps me in a constant state of gratitude, and not just for the month of November.

As Thursday approaches and Christmas soon after, look out for those that just wanna be alone. Those that haven't responded to the invites or social gatherings. Those that seem bitter or mad or both. Let them know you're thinking of them.

I read how a youth group went to Trader Joe's and purchased a bunch of small flower bouquets and delivered them to the shut ins in their neighborhood. They knocked on the door, said they were thinking of them, handed them the flowers and left. Some of them wondered if the kids wanted money. Some teared up. Some said it was the first time they smiled in weeks. Sometimes, that's all it takes during this rough time of year. What small gesture could you do? Your kids?

All my best to you and your families this holiday season xoxo Glenn