Glenn's Weekly Motivational-What Has Corona Taught You?

May 26, 2020

Photo by Glenn Anderson (Entercom Radio)

So, with the Memorial Day weekend behind us, it seems like everything is back to normal, or at least it feels like it somehow.  Edgewater and Whiskey Island shut off cars by mid-afternoon yesterday, patios are packed, people are leaving their homes and all has been forgotten since we have warm weather.  Oh sure, we all say we're social distancing, and we'll move over on the sidewalk when someone is approaching, but the fear has dissipated a bit, and you know what?  That's OK.

It was never about living with this crippling fear of the corona, but how to be safe in its grasp.  It was and is about being aware and being respectful of those around you.  We shouldn't have needed the reminder, but we did.

Just like we shouldn't have needed the reminder to be more thoughtful after 9/11, or to appreciate the little things after a cancer diagnosis, or to miss someone after they are no longer in your life....but we did..and we do.

How we all of a sudden wanna salute health care workers, and tell them well done.  Heck, we're even thanking the person stocking shelves at Wal-Mart because we all of a sudden realize they are important..Even though they have been right along...Did we need Corona as a reminder?  We did.

As we continue to wake up Ohio and wake up our lives, let us all realize what is important and what should remain important..Faith, family, friends, EVERYONE who serves someone, senior citizens, and your local pizza joint.  Jesus, they have been a life-saver.  Love you JoJo Carloni's.

And speaking of being respectful?  Wear the mask.  If you go to a store, wear the mask.  In any public space?  Wear the mask.  I don't care that it's hot, I don't care if it's irritating, I don't care if it doesn't look good, wear the mask.  It's not political, wear the mask.  Stop berating people who drive with it, who cares?  Stop saying it doesn't matter, it does.  It's a small price to pay to be able to leave our homes.  Go and have your non-socially distant get-togethers with your fellow rebel-rousers, but if you're at Heinen's with me, wear it please.  Respect shouldn't be something to fight over.  You stop playing your loud music after 11 PM not because you want to, but because it's respectful.  

Things will never entirely go back to how they were before.  If there's one thing The Corona has taught us, it's to respect others more, and judge people less.

Oh, and redefining what essential means...and the power...of pizza

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it..xoxoxox Glenn