Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Trouble With Networking

August 13, 2019

Photo by jaco blund IStock / Getty Images Plus

I can’t stand networking. In fact, I loathe it. I see people who network and it makes my skin crawl. A bunch of people throwing out their title, pretend to care about someone, just to get something out of them. “What’s in it for me?" Is the question most asked, and it automatically makes any relationship conditional.

I have been told numerous times that I need to network more in my line of work. I need to spend more time in the boss’s office, shucking and jiving so that I can get a promotion. I need to get out at more media events and get face time with others so that quite possibly, they can help my bottom line in the future.

I have been told I need new friends, better friends, more successful friends if I wanna be successful. You are the company you keep. I see parents form relationships with coaches so that their kid gets a starting position on the team. I see guys and girls in relationships, simply because it financially works or sexually works, but for no other reason. People using people for personal gain, and it’s all completely fake.

I challenge you to befriend people simply because doing for people is better than receiving. I challenge you to surround yourself with a wide scope of people to learn from, connect with, support and love. Cherish these relationships and let them know they matter in your life. That’s my kind of networking. You know how it feels when you think someone might be using you? Don’t make someone feel that way.

I am friends with millionaires and homeless people. I learn and become a better man from both of them. I have friends that I always pay for when we go out, and friends that always pay my way. The older I get, the smaller my “network” and I’m OK with that.

You see, networking can be a positive thing if you do it for the right reasons. The riches you acquire may not be monetary in nature , but something far greater and meaningful.

Also, I’m Glenn and I do radio. I can also do a bit of home remodeling, make a wicked salmon with red wine sauce, and have been told my dad jokes need work. Please accept my semi firm handshake... And now what do you do?