Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Today Doesn't Define a Lifetime

March 10, 2020
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Today does not define your lifetime.

I was talking to a friend recently about the ups and downs of this stage of my life. The daily routines, how the winter has trudged on, seasonal affective disorder, and the lack of adult conversation and bonding. The sacrifices we make for our kids. The 12 hour volleyball tournaments on a Saturday, only to be followed up by soccer tournaments the following day. Endless practices and pickups and realizing that an hour for coffee or wine and conversation outside of my four walls resembles an all inclusive resort circa 2008 when this whole parenting thing began and life without responsibility ended.

Today does not define your lifetime.

I realize that some of you may think I’m complaining about parenting. Far from it. Within the haze of being married more to my iPhone calendar then my actual wife , there are the moments that keep me going. When I see an act of kindness without having to remind them of their manners, when they actually all play together and it’s not in Roblox form, or when my 5 year old begs to lead prayer every night before dinner. You see that you’re making a difference and you learn to take it all in.

Today does not define your lifetime.

The routine you have in this moment won’t be the same routine 5 years from now .. Soon, you won’t have the privilege of being with your sick kid who is home from school with the trending virus of the week. You’ll be lucky if they call you once a week once their life begins without you. I mean, maybe to Venmo them money..

The boss who told you you’re overqualified or underqualified for that promotion. The neighbor, co-worker, social media bully, nope, no definition there..The child you gave up raising because it cut into your social life, that now has you feeling embarrassed to make contact with. That feeling of guilt doesn’t have to define a lifetime..Unless you let it. And then it will.

Your dark seasons and your bright ones, they will all fade and become a chapter, but not the book. Face each one with the same resolve that time marches on and so will you and this moment.

And that’s when sports fees are replaced with resort fees.

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it

xoxox Glenn