Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Time To Leave The Bubble

September 1, 2020

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It's been just shy of 6 months since I created my new bubble..

I was very happy with my old bubble. My routine was down to the minute. Wake up, get kids ready for school, drop them off, head to Planet Fitness or to the Metroparks to run, grocery shop, back home to make lunch for Steph and I, make dinner, get ready for work, go to work, pour a cup of dandelion tea before my 3:40 talk break, protein bar at 4:58 (only because I was too hungry to wait till 5), home by 7:30, sports stuff with the kids (practices or games), dinner, homework, bathe kids, kids to bed, pour wine, sit on couch with Steph, watch trashy TV and eat chips, in bed by 1 (assuming I didn't spill said glass of wine and had to dip into my wine-away stash)

Lather, rinse, repeat....

And I loved it, because even though it was the same thing every day, I knew what to expect, and we had those moments where there was something special to look forward to that was out of the ordinary. Maybe it was a Cavs game, maybe it was a new show at Playhouse Square, maybe it was a happy hour with friends...

And weekends were the same, too..Many volleyball, basketball, and soccer tournaments. Some took the whole day.. but then we had some weekends off, and so we traveled, sometimes with the kids and sometimes not. We visited family, we had cookouts, we were tired but happy.. We worked on our family bond. We worked on our marriage.

And like all of us living the bubble life, we had to quickly change bubbles. How do we work from home and do the whole teaching kids thing? Laptop on the kitchen table and multi-task? Cool, I got this for a bit. No sports practices or games? Awesome, I have my weekends back and more money. I can see my kids more, I can hone my cooking skills, I can start a garden, I can workout and get that 6 pack I've been planning since the end of college...The eternal optimist. And wow, I haven't put gas in the car in over a month! Winning..

That was March and April...

The months have dragged on, and everything that seemed like a small blessing and break at the time, has slowly eroded that optimism. A laptop on the table? I can't get a damn thing done. The kids out of sports? They are trying to kill each other with pent up emotion. I've seen these people in my household way too much, I wanna eat out, but it's not worth the anxiety.. gardens are for retired people.. my 6 pack has become a 12 pack and not in the good sense, and I wanna drive somewhere...And masks are hot..and we had to cancel our summer vacation..and I'm bitter.

Our new bubble has not only changed us into humans no one wants to be around, it has made us complacent. ​It's easier to bitch and complain about our current situation, then to try and change it again. We are scared and confused by the news, politics divide us, our lack of motivation leads to more lack of motivation..A yucky pandemic snowball that leads us to social media for a quick high, which turns into a relapse of depression because your friends don't care about the pandemic and are living their best life and you're not..

Jeez, so dramatic.

My point to all of this? You need to leave the bubble of comfort you artificially created for yourself. I'm not saying to go grocery shopping without a mask and start licking your neighbors.. I'm saying to make small changes..

Find ways to rediscover your pre-pandemic self so that you can be better for the people who count on you. Engage with friends..somehow..Find that workout routine..somehow..Encourage alone time for you, your spouse, and your kids... somehow. You want a chance to miss them and realize why you like these people in the first place...Find bits of your old bubble again so that the new bubble doesn't consume your every thought and emotion..

Turn off the news

Turn on your spouse

Turn off the anxiety

Turn on to a hobby

Turn off the air conditioning

Turn on....Wait, it's still humid at night

Now more than ever, we need to work on ourselves to be the best we can for our loved ones. The kids will soon be back in school if they're not already, and little by little we're returning to a bit of normalcy. Embrace it, but be safe. Stay informed, but stay vigilant. Be kind, but spend your time judging your actions instead of other's decisions.

Find the positives in your bubble, instead of the negatives

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it

xoxox Glenn