Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Snowball Effect

July 14, 2020

Photo by Getty Images-Free IStock

The snowball effect is a real thing.

How many of you are looking at Covid as the world's worst vacation? And since that vacation is so bad, we make every excuse under the sun for our behavior.

"Ahh, it's ok, we're in a pandemic"

Don't wanna put on clothes? It's OK, we're in a pandemic. Ice cream for dinner? It's a pandemic. Gym closed and your workout routine is off? Pandemic.

Spending tons of money on the house

Ignoring family members and friends

At-home versus at-work ethic compromised

Personal grooming and hygiene

Lack of patience or drive

Blaming your unhappiness on everyone AND everything else

It's all COVID"S FAULT!!

I am guilty of either exhibiting some of these behaviors or indulging in them. Isn't it interesting how one thing makes all the other things snowball?

Since mid-March, I have gained 8 lbs, and take into account the numbers we ALL post on social media are geared towards keeping self esteem issues to a minimum. At times, that has made the elastic waistband versus button choice a no-brainer, which makes me sad, which makes me lose patience, which makes me unhappy, which makes me self medicate, which makes me make excuses and..well...become really less attractive to everyone I live with.

Are you motivated by the person who is slothing it, or the one who is not? What about your spouse?

It's time to start making yourself attractive! Not just to others, but to you.

Wanna stop the snowball effect? Get it going in the other direction. Start caring and be amazed on how others might care about you. Right before the pandemic hit, I had run 7 half marathons in 10 weeks. That got Steph motivated to work on her health more, which caused us all to eat healthier, drink less, which caused our patience to rise, our happiness to flourish, and everyone was the lucky recipient of our new found attitude.

Experts say you spend an extra 4 seconds looking in the mirror when you like yourself. If you're not doing that, it's time to change it up.

Stop blaming the pandemic. If you are truly upset at the world, don't wait for the world to change, it won't. (John Mayer reference). It doesn't all have to come in a day, so be patient with yourself. Habits are built slowly, just like that chip habit became a chips habit. Commit to 1 positive change each day..Commit to actually being someone you would want to be with.

And watch that snowball effect happen....In a positive way!

All my best as you navigate life and the relationships in it

xoxo Glenn