Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The First Day of School

September 8, 2020

Photo by Glenn Anderson (Entercom Radio)

My beautiful kids and their first day back for hybrid learning. They are at school 2 days a week, and then it's virtual the rest of the week.

The one overwhelming theme? We all need patience

This morning went well. Steph is meticulous with the planning of back to school, and navigating the roughly 3,249 emails we've received regarding how it's all gonna go. We all set alarms for the first time since March, went over the routine with the kids prior to an extended and focused prayer session, clothes set out, lunches packed, the kids got nestled all snug in their beds, and backpacks hung neatly by the backdoor with care.

And the boys forgot their water bottles

And Madelyn forgot her lunch

And after the dust settled, and there was some dust, we realized that not only do we need patience with our kids, we need patience with each other..

Not just the people in the house, but the people outside of the house. We need patience with their teachers, we need patience with the curriculum... whether we think its too much or too little. We need patience with our coaches, superintendents, and bus drivers. We need patience with our fellow parents who are doing it differently, we need.. just a little patience (yeah..yeah)

Guess what? The grace you afford yourself for figuring things out and making mistakes should be the same grace you give everyone. Why is everyone else exempt from that way of thinking? Because we pay taxes? Because it's easier than figuring it out ourselves? Don't be the armchair quarterback...Be the quarterback.

Embrace the new school year, whether you're in school, hybrid, virtual, or anything in between. Have patience with others, but especially, have patience for yourself.

And have patience with the guy with the really long blog posts on your favorite radio station, he's trying to figure it out too..He's been walkin' the streets at night..Just tryin' to get it right..And also trying to get his steps in...

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it

xoxo Glenn