Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Taking The Self Out Of Self Worth

May 28, 2019

Photo by Michail_Petrov-96 iStock / Getty Images Plus

I am in radio, and for the last 22 years, my self worth was determined by my listeners. If I wrote a parody song and people liked it, or they called and requested it, I felt worthy. By being in the public eye, I felt it gave me a distinct advantage towards feeding that need. I was on display and people were naturally curious. I began to do things both for my job, and for the high the compliments provided. I began to quickly see and feel how important it was for me to please others, and it became a drug that fueled my actions. 

Then came social media in 2008, and posting pictures of my perfect family doing perfect things with perfect smiles always elicited many likes. As you may know, that highlight reel is completely fake yet those compliments can go a long way if you need them or have trouble fueling your self worth in any other way. 

Like you perhaps, my priorities and sense of worth was based on how others saw me, reacted to me, laughed at me, or complimented me. If I wasn’t on air doing something worthy of praise or posting pics of the dinner I created in hopes that someone would ask me for the recipe, then I had no real purpose in life. Doesn't that sound ridiculous? As time went on, I needed to keep up the charade of doing compliment-worthy things in order to feel fulfilled, and even then it all felt empty. 

Where do you get your sense of self worth? Is it on Facebook? Is it the paycheck you receive? Is it from your child who gets good grades in school? Is it from spouse who bought you flowers? Your self worth should be none of these.

When we look to outside resources in hopes of building our self worth, then we stay afloat as long as those factors remain In our lives. If they leave, so does our self esteem, and we fall even harder than before. There is a difference between spouses, kids and jobs bringing us joy and those factors providing ALL THE JOY. 

Self worth is not what others provide you, it’s what you provide others. Looking for likes and compliments and people to make you feel good? Why not see what others might need and do for them instead? If we all took a selfless approach to our own needs, perhaps we could all find a consistent and fulfilling prophecy for our own lives. 

I sure hope you liked my post, but if you don’t, it’s ok, I’m good ❤️