Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Stop With The Social Media!

August 18, 2020

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Religion (Yes)

Politics (So much yes)

Should kids be physically in school or not? (Yes x 1,000,000)

The new and less-improved list of what we can't discuss in a civilized fashion anymore.

Have you realized social media is more of a hinderance lately than a companion?

Me too..

What was once used for sharing family photos, food pics, and cat memes has turned into a nasty place filled with opinions, negativity, and vitriol for the soul.

I have contributed to this, unknowingly. Let me take you back to 2018...

My boss and I were having a conversation about this Christmas song. He casually told me to listen to the lyrics to a song called "Baby, It's Cold Outside". I did and I was appalled. It seemed controlling and derogatory towards women. I wanted to say it wasn't ok, and so I wrote about it in a blog. Times have changed, and the song had no place, and I wanted to say no, we need to be better...It was just my opinion and I wanted to support women.

The blog was picked up by Fox 8, and then more Fox stations. The narrative was quickly changed into a censorship issue, was picked up nationally by CNN, Fox News, Good Morning America (Name dropping) The Today Show, Ellen, Oprah, and then went worldwide with me getting interview requests from Al Jazeera, the BBC, and more. (Really name dropping now). It culminated with the song debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time in 50 years, and subsequently being re-written by John Legend and Kelly Clarkson with lyrics that were more reflective of the time. (Ok, we get it..names on the floor everywhere). It became a political stance and I had different groups sending me death threats at the station towards me and my family.

All because I wanted to support women...

So, yeah, my intent was missed because the new narrative was more dramatic..

So, last week, I wrote a blog on our community forum about the number of people who are encouraging in-class learning versus remote and how I felt that was unsafe. Let's protect our kids and not contribute to another outbreak like they had in Georgia. Yes it's inconvenient, yes there are parents that both work full time, single moms, dads, children with special needs, all different circumstances. I wanted to stop the bickering and blaming of school and government officials. I wanted parents to realize that our kid's health is more important then our circumstances...And my words were twisted and I contributed to the debate in a negative way..again.

My point to all of this, besides it sounding like a therapy session for yours truly? You can have the best of intentions, but your message will always be interpreted and the reader's truth will become the narrative. Those are the facts.

Posting pics of your family on vacation not wearing masks? You could be sharing a fun moment, or you are promoting irresponsibility and a political stance.

Posting a picture of a pepperoni pizza you just made? You are either making me hungry, or you don't stand up for animal rights.

And speaking of animals, if you post a picture of a cat, you are saying they are better than dogs..(And for the record..LOL)

Do you wanna live in a world where your intent is widely accepted by everyone else? STOP POSTING AND ACTUALLY TALK TO PEOPLE!

We are all judged by our posts, emails, use of emojis, our non use of emojis, our insecurities, our need for validation, and everything else. It will drive you crazy if you let it..Or, you can ignore it all..

And I encourage you to ignore it all and talk to the people that matter to you most. Face to face... because they matter..and you're not gonna please everyone.

Social media is like bourbon. A small amount and you are chatty and positive. Any more, and you're in a corner crying about Britney Spears and how she's being held against her will, or reflecting on your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend thinking they really weren't that bad..They were.

I get it's a pandemic, but social media will only make it worse. Take a shot here and there, but talk to your family and friends, exercise, read, and get outdoors. There's a reason why no health and wellness program includes The Facebook.

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it xoxo Glenn