Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Stop Silencing The Noise

September 3, 2019
glenn kids

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio

“And just like that, little Jimmy is back in school”

“Where has the summer gone?”

“Stop growing already”

If you’ve been on social media, you’ll notice that everyone who has posted about their children going back to school have all posted the same thing. Cute pictures of cute kids holding cute signs wearing cute clothes..followed by some sort of verbiage about time moving too fast. Think about it, we are constantly reminded of time moving too quick. Unfortunately, it is in those raw moments in life when it finally dawns on us.

Specifically, when the house becomes quiet.

It stings us when a child goes to grade school or away to college, when a loved one passes away, or when the dog no longer barks. When sound is no longer an option, and yet we curse the noise so very often.

We have 3 kids and it’s never quiet. It’s a combination of pleasant sounds like talking, playing, and tiny footsteps up above to much more irritating sounds like talking, playing, and footsteps up above that sound like a tap dance group wresting a giant antelope.

This morning, after dropping my last one off for his last first day of school ever, the house became..quiet.

Oh sure, my wife is working in her office upstairs and I’m doing projects and stuff, but I realize the reason why I like power tools is because they make noise and quell the silence.

I realize that a quiet house, although immediately embraced, is soon deafening.

Keep in perspective those moments that you can’t hear yourself think due to all the screaming and fighting. In those moments when you lock yourself in a bathroom with a bottle of rosé just for some peace and quiet...Remember the alternative.

Keep in perspective how annoying it is when your partner does just about anything. How they chew loudly, how they nag, and how they walk down the street. Now picture life without them, and what you wouldn’t give for one more lip smack..Even me, who is afflicted with Misophonia.

Life is full of noise, but it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to listen to.

Me? I’m gonna listen to it all and thank God I have ears.

Now excuse me while I lock myself in the bathroom with a reciprocating saw and a bottle of rosé

All my best with your families and relationships xoxox Glenn

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