Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Stop Posing For Pics!

June 17, 2020

Photo by Glenn Anderson (Entercom Radio)

I bought Steph one of those fancy Alexa's with the screen for Mother's Day this year.  Yeah, I know technology isn't a sexy gift, nor is it even something she really wanted, but I thought it would be a gift she would appreciate more as the days and weeks in quarantine trudge on.  

Yes, I can do a commercial about how you can find Star 102 on the app, and how it fills the room with my voice if that's a selling point (don't answer), but the most useful portion of it, despite the news headlines and recipe ideas, are the pictures.

I uploaded 13 thousand pics and counting.  Now, while we are in the kitchen, we can see when the kids were born all the way up to the last weekend activity we had.  

Sure, the Facebook memory option is quite handy, and you pause to smile when you see the meal you made 1 year ago on this date, but somehow the everyday pictures of your life are lost.

I uploaded everything, not just the made for Facebook "look at how we have it together" photos you see on social. The blurry ones, the ones where no one smiled, the ones where no one wanted their picture taken, all of it....From our life pre-kids (the smiles were different), to the 45 pictures of the carpet that Carter took when he was 2.

As we sit in our social-distanced worlds... where we hesitate to have our kids play with their friends, go anywhere, or do anything, remember this..You GET to do life with the people on that screen. Every picture I look at brings back the emotions of that day.  If it's a vacation, I'm transported there despite the covid-restrictions currently in place.  If it's a birthday, I can taste the cake.  If it's random, my memory is jogged. Seeing pictures I forgot I took is a bright spot during all of this. 

Stop posing for pictures, and start taking them.  Take them today.  Stop smiling and just be.  Capture those moments you know you'll forget unless you take them. Then, find a way to display them..Everyday...So as the cabin fever and subtle irritations of covid life build up, you are reminded why you live with these people.

And yes, "Alexa, play Star 102 on the app" is so darn easy. But again, this is not a commercial..3-7 Weekdays...11-3 on Sunday..Today's Hits and Yesterday's favorites

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it xoxo Glenn