Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Stop Living Your Life By The Numbers

February 13, 2019

Do you ever stop and realize how much of our life is controlled by numbers?  I mean, specific numbers.  We strive to see that perfect number on our scales, on our paychecks, on our kid's sports medals..and it doesn't stop there.  We fuel our inner egos by insisting that the greater the number, the higher the emotional reward.  If I make 60 grand a year now, I will be happier if I make 70 grand.  One Oreo is great, but if I only had five.....

I remember years ago when I was going through contract negotiations at the radio station, that I was fixated on the number..I wanted it high.  I thought I deserved it.  Don't we all?  I  came up with dollar amounts that I thought would instill happiness in me.  The negotiations failed, and I doubted my self worth.  Now, I know my bosses read my posts, and some would say I'm silly for what I'm about to say, but as soon as I freed myself from my expectations and concentrated on the satisfaction my job provides, I was happy.  Truly happy.  Now, that does not mean I could do my job for free nor does it mean anyone should be taken advantage of, but I have found that by not concentrating on a number and having enough to pay my bills and take a vacation each year, that I am content.  

Some people go through life trying to accumulate as much money, cars, women, or cats as they can.  When you are fueled by numbers, there is no limit and therefore no true happiness.

What about your scale?  How many times have you looked down at it and become frustrated?  All that working out, all that dieting, and you gained a pound for the week.  How discouraging is that? Discouraging enough to make you quit...IF you're focused on numbers.  When you focus on the action plan, the fact that eating healthy and exercising is what's important, you begin to see a change in what motivates you.  

I see parents all the time frustrated with their kids, coaches, and everyone else in the near vicinity when their child's sports team didn't get that first place medal.  Trust me, I get it.  You spend so much time invested, and then to come home without that first place medal and that Facebook post that would surely garner likes and it all seems pointless.  Yes, hard work should be rewarded accordingly, but what if we, as parents, focused on the hard work rather than the reward?  The fact that your child is working hard, executing plays efficiently, and being a good team player?    When we create an environment of rewards for every success in life, we are setting our kids up to fail and encouraging depression when their self-centered expectations are not met.

In short, focus on the work involved and the satisfaction you get from knowing you are making good choices.  Stop focusing on numbers...Unless there's a number of pizza slices around.  You can never have too much pizza.