Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Power Of The Present

September 17, 2019

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"If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present” -Lao Tzu

I get it, it’s super hard to live in the present. With all that life throws at you, it's much easier to think about what you could’ve done better to not feel the pain of today, or what you can do moving forward to dull the pain you’re currently facing. Both options make you live in your head, and being in your head is not being present..and it’s dangerous.

I mentioned earlier this week that my mom faced a 20 year fear of not traveling. Oh, she made plenty of excuses why she couldn’t go; She's too old, she tires easily, she can’t sleep, she can’t eat, the bed won’t be comfortable...Then she told me how if she did travel, what the repercussions would be; Headaches, sleeplessness, tremendous anxiety, and just a general wearing out like the 2017 Cavaliers.

Her depression was caused by talking herself out of something she didn’t think she could do, yet didn’t know because she hadn’t tried.

Her anxiousness came from thinking of every possible negative outcome to an otherwise positive situation.

So, she took a step, lived in the present, and slowly her fears were never realized and the anxiousness subsided.. And guess what? She had fun. A lot of fun. My mom had energy and laughed like she was getting paid to do it. It reminded me of my tenure in morning radio.

I will never forget this trip because it gave my mom something that was missing for her since the year 2000..Life.

You see, you can never fully live your life if you are living in your head. You miss what’s right in front of you. Live in the past and you miss the now. Live in the future and you miss today.

And yes, I know today is a Tuesday and it’s hard to enjoy that. Yes I know that Pizza Friday is a long way away, but tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Stop beating yourself up for the mistakes of your past. Stop talking yourself out of that coffee shop you wanna open up because you have 2 kids and that’s fiscally irresponsible, even though that job you do now is killing you a little each day.

Only then, will you realize that today is as great a day to start living as any..Oh, and it’s Taco Tuesday...Because the greatest moments in life should always center around family, friends, and a crunch wrap supreme.

All my best to you as you figure it out xoxo Glenn