Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Parenting Solved For $150 Dollars!

July 23, 2019

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We recently installed security cameras in our house. No, we weren’t burglarized, we have what you may call kids with an overwhelming addiction to sugar. 

We are pretty clean eating parents, with a bin of candy from Halloween and various other holidays, and then healthier type chips that occupy roughly 4 feet of shelf space. Threats of stop eating the candy are laughed at, and all 3 of our children have an elaborate, yet completely amateur routine of hiding said wrappers. I found 11 of them behind my tool chest in the garage from Carter, my 5 year old. Oh well, he tried. Madelyn thought she got smart and starting hiding them in the pool noodle holes. Babe, you gotta stick them in way further. Cooper was the most slick and started burying them in the mulch around the house, specifically in the rodent holes. Creative?  Yes, but busted every time and now we have dad bod moles instead.

So, we got security cameras. Portable, no wires, and they can move from room to room. It all runs off of an app that alerts me when there’s movement and records what’s going on. I can also trigger an alarm or talk through the camera to be really big brothery.

Steph and I have taken away tablets, hid the temptation, and fretted more often than not about candy today, heroin tomorrow, and all the pitfalls of giving in to your wants.  This was the final straw.

And guess what?  The kids love it!  Cooper actually came up and thanked me for helping him stop. The fact of the matter is, kids want discipline. They crave it as much as they crave a Take 5 bar. Adults crave it too.  It is much easier to avoid temptation than to rely on will power.

We are all architects of our environment. Build an environment where your actions are recorded on a cloud-based device, and the desire will not seem as tempting. As parents, we have struggled with the right amount of helicoptering for their ages, how to raise independent kids rather than electronic obsessed zombies, while also trying to teach grace and respectfulness..Having proof of their actions decreases the parental frustration, the sassy-lipped denials and unnecessary arguments, and provides policing when Steph and I are working.

On a side note,   I also keep boxed wine in the pantry, and knowing that I’m being recorded helps me to stay accountable, as well. And now I keep a box in the basement instead. 

Cheers and all my best xoxo Glenn 

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio