Glenn's Weekly Motivational-A New Facebook Challenge For You

January 15, 2019

Have you seen the Facebook 10 year challenge?  Of course you have.  You post your first profile pic and your latest one and people comment on how you've changed.  It is fun and what's missing from social media nowadays.  How often do you find yourself scrolling through your feed like a robot, and becoming angry when you're done due to all the negativity?  "Why do I waste my time with this"?  You are not alone.  Here are 5 ways you can make social media great again for yourself and others

1. Post pics of yourself smiling.  Look, no one objects to seeing happy people except maybe the parking meter maids outside the Star 102 studios.  

2. Post motivational quotes.  We are all struggling with something.  No one is exempt from this and we all derive motivation in different ways.  That cursive saying in that reclaimed barnwood frame you snapped a pic of may be just the words someone needs to make it through their day

3. Post those Tasty videos.  Deciding what to cook each week is similar to sitting with a financial consultant.  No one really wants to do it, but college is expensive and you want your kids out of the house so you can turn their rooms into the latest she shed/ man cave.  I like food.  Most people do.  Lets help each other

4. Post dad jokes.  I love a good dirty joke, but this is Facebook and my kid steals my phone all the time.  Do not post the dad jokes that make you grin just to be polite.  I mean the good ones. What is the most crunk place to go to the bathroom?  The Lil John.  Now that's funny.  I think

5. Post pics of your vacation.  Did you recently go to L.A with your family?  I wanna see your newborn posing with the Dr. Phil star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I wanna see your teenager getting arrested trying to climb the Hollywood sign.  I wanna see your Pink's Hot Dog and your In-N-Out Burger.  I am not jealous, I'm living vicariously through you.

No more politics.  No more ranting about stuff you can't change.  Positive with a purpose.  Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge?  Fun videos and they raised over $115 million for ALS research. Now, I gotta find go find a picture of me that doesn't look like I'm taking the Facebook 50 year challenge.  Prayers and good vibes to you-Glenn ;)