Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Living With Regret Can Be The Key To Happiness

February 6, 2019

Living with regret doesn't have to be a negative thing.  I have found that it is extremely motivational in my own life and how I am as a husband and father.  Here's how it works:

If you could picture yourself old and grey, in my case just the gray part, what do you envision you might be regretting given your current life path?  Here are my current regrets:

I am not patient enough with my kids and yell too much

I splurge too much on non-healthy foods on the weekend as a reward for eating like a bird all week

Sometimes I drink more wine than I should

I am not involved with my church enough

I try and solve problems with my wife late at night instead of going to bed and gathering my thoughts

I don't have enough one on one time with my kids

I use tiredness as an excuse for not planning a date night more often with Steph

These are mine, and I'm sure if you were to think about it, you could come up with a list. I keep this on my phone and when I find myself not in control as much as I'd like, I read it.  It brings me a sense of calm knowing i don't have to have it all solved in a day.

We are all a work in progress, but living with the feelings of regret can be a very positive way to motivate you and change your behavior before its too late.  

What do you regret NOW?  What do you feel will be your biggest regret when you're old and sitting on your rocker?  Good luck in your journey on being the best for you and your loved ones

xo Glenn