Glenn's Weekly Motivational-It's Your Right to Choose..Today and Everyday

November 6, 2018

Today is the mid-term election.  It's a chance for your voice to be heard and to make the choices you feel are best.  Today will come and go, but will you continue to make choices that are positive building blocks in your own life?

Everyone knows that the decisions they choose will dictate the outcome.  If you choose to stay up late, you will be tired and unfocused the next day.  If you choose to eat fast food 7 days a week, you will look like you eat fast food 7 days a week.  The choices we make will dictate the life we lead.  I find when I go down the rabbit hole of eating Halloween candy, I want to eat more Halloween candy.  It's really a snowball effect, because not only does my weight go up, but my self esteem goes down because my weight goes up.  When my self-esteem is affected, so are those around me.  I become short, irritated, and take my negative energy out on the ones I love.  So now, doing something as innocent as over-indulging in sweets causes a ripple effect on my friends and family.  So, I enjoy in moderation and focus on something else.  How often have you made choices that seemingly appear innocent and without repercussion, and then it spirals out of control because you need more and more to achieve the desired effect?  It's how addicts become addicts and it's much much easier than you could imagine.  Look at our opioid epidemic.  No one makes a choice to try heroin and let it control their lives, yet here we are.  

Choose YOU every single day of your life.  Make choices that support who you want to be as a person.  At the end of the day, you should find motivations in your intentions, not your results.  If you are sad about a relationship, find closure or open up an honest conversation towards resolution.  If you want to learn a trade or skill, make the time to go to school or watch a Youtube video.  Time is not an excuse and neither is money.  Yes, you will fail, but find your motivation in your intentions.  Derive meaning in your life by conquering things in your life that scare you.  When you choose YOU, you choose being the best version of yourself.  This is when you become truly beneficial towards the people in your life that matter most. Have an incredible day and don't forget to vote!