Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Is It Really The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

December 18, 2018

The Christmas season.  Gifts, gatherings, and smiles all around.  For a lot of us, the traditions this time of year are something to look forward to and cherish.  To others, it is an all too painful reminder of something that's missing.  

I remember growing up, my grandmother's kitchen was so full you couldn't move.  All the adults would be hanging out, drinking their highballs, playing bingo, and stealing spoonfuls of sauce that was simmering on the stove for the spaghetti.  It was always so loud, and when someone got sleepy, they would end up in the living room and make that room loud from their snoring.  My grandma always got us the best gifts because that's what grandmas are for.  Perfectly wrapped and always a beautiful card, even though as kids we could care less.  How I wish I could have one more of those cards.

So many of us go through the holidays with a sense of loss that we can't recover from.  Maybe it's a spouse that proposed to you on Christmas Eve and now you're divorced.  Maybe your house is a bit more empty than it once was because loved ones have passed on.  Maybe you got a pink slip from your employer and you don't know what you're gonna do to put food on the table, let alone provide gifts for your children.   You are not alone.

As we all go through the holidays together, let us remember that each one of us has a story.  We may see social media and see cute pictures of happy families and Santa Claus and Nintendo Switches, but we are all carrying something.  Something that affects us deeply, and not just during the holiday season when everything is infinitely amplified.  Don't let the thing that motivates you over this next week be knocking out gifts for everyone, making sure the house is clean or having your new cursive motivational quote hanging on the wall.  Spend this time finding compassion for the neighbor who never has anyone in their driveway.  Maybe start a conversation with the old man who walks his dog all day because he doesn't have anyone else.  Maybe even, and I'm being radical right now, say a quick prayer for the person who is driving way too slow in front of you.  Only when we begin to learn and care about other people's stories, can we find that true happiness and motivation this holiday season.  

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful and blessed New Year in 2019-Love, Glenn ;)