Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How To Stop Being You

July 17, 2019

Photo by iStock / Getty Images Plus

Have you tried the FaceApp Viral Challenge yet?  You find a pic of yourself now, run it through a fun filter, and it shows what you'd look like when you're old.  A fabulous concept for those that have self esteem issues already, but I digress.  It does pose an interesting question though?  Isn't it fun to create a different version of yourself?  

Have you accepted the narrative that who you are is all you're gonna be?  I'm talking about coming to terms with the fact that you're never gonna conquer your fear of flying.  It just is what it is.  You're never gonna get married, you're never gonna find a job you actually like, you're kids will never listen, you'll never beat that addiction.  It just is what it is.  Because of the effort involved, it's much easier to just accept things then to try and change them.  Complacency doesn't cause sweat.  

Speaking of sweat, you're probably gonna tell me something like you tried to lose weight, you ate right, worked out 7 days a week, and ended up GAINING 3 pounds.  Why go through the mental let down as well as the physical one?

As humans, we are constantly trying to find the easiest path to navigate.  We are pre-programmed that way and to go against it feels uncomfortable.  Oh sure, we may be motivated in the beginning to start that new workout or other healthy habit, but once we don't see the results we think we should see, we fall back into old habits, often deeper and more self destructive than before. The cycle repeats itself over and over and over until we finally give up. 

The key to changing who you are is twofold.  It happens through easily attainable mini-goals and repetition.  You can't have a goal of losing 50 pounds if your gym is 10 miles away. Unless The Rock is living with you, the motivation will soon end once you don't see the results quick enough. Your action plan should be to eat better, exercise, and to make the exercise equipment as easy as possible to find and use.  Lifestyle, not life-goal.  If you wanna find a loving relationship, don't set a goal of hitting up every grocery store in hopes that someone will tell you if your melons are ripe.  Commit to going out more and showing people your authentic self, not your Tinder-self.  Don't set a time limit.  

Every quality you want to change begins with repetition.  Remember how hard it was when you first had your driving test?  Now look at you texting, putting on mascara, eating Taco Bell, AND setting all your presets to Star 102..Oh, and all the driving stuff.  

Peace and love as you strive to be the version of yourself....xoxo Glenn