Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How To Say Goodbye

January 29, 2019

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio

This week I find myself saying goodbye to our couch.  I also find myself having trouble doing so.  How do you toss to the curb something that has such sentimental value?

You see, my mom bought Steph and I living room furniture when we got married.  Since then, I am reminded of just how much has happened on that furniture. All jokes and one liners aside, I remember bottle-feeding Madelyn, Cooper, and Carter..Opening Christmas presents, important conversations and tearful arguements.  The numerous times we have fallen asleep, glass of wine in hand, while watching The Bachelor and not waking up till 5am.  Reading books to the kids, watching Titanic or Twister for the 100th time, you name it.  

As we opened up the cushions and saw the deep rips near the springs, I fished my hand in there and found old mittens when Madelyn's hand was the size of a 1 year old.  Spare change, slime, chapsticks, and gross stale chips.  Each of those things would normally cause me anxiety, as I think we are terrible cleaners.  As I did it this one last time, I was reminded of the memories associated with each.

It is important and necessary to say goodbye.  The sentimental feelings and memories stay in your heart and in your mind forever.  I am anxious to make new memories.  The kids have never had new furniture in their lifetimes, and I'm eagerly looking at our impending delivery as a fresh start and a new beginning.  Yeah, it seems silly to assign such importance to an inanimate object, but it's not the furniture, it's the memories I am looking forward to creating on the furniture.  Now, back to those comments and one-liners :)