Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How Long Do You Wanna Live?

December 3, 2019
live longer

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I took a test today to find out how long I’m gonna live..It’s called the Blue Zone True Vitality quiz and it determines how long you will live healthy, and how long you will live with potential health problems. The key is to answer truthfully, and the idea behind it is that where you live (The Blue Zones) contributes to your overall life expectancy, noting that certain areas of Italy and Japan have life expectancies far greater than the norm, based on the accessibility to plant based diets.

Ok, fair enough, but I like meat and the Michael Symon culture and I’m not giving that up. Cut back? Sure..

So I put in my vitals, what I eat, and how much exercise I do..the real number of salty snacks and wine I drink, and hoped that I would make it past Saturday..And I was pleasantly surprised. Apparently, I do some healthy things too.

Sometimes in life, it appears your fate has already been laid out. We try New Years resolutions, and either get bored or hate denying what we like, so we just go back to old habits and give in to what feels good. Only, it doesn’t mentally feel good. You perform the bad habit to feed the anxiety, which produces more anxiety, thus creating more bad habits. How many of you are caught in that cycle?

As easily as bad habits are created, so are good ones. I wrote a while back about building small healthy habits and working up towards big ones. The first step towards running a marathon is putting on your shoes. Be proficient in that habit and then build off of that. How many food and lifestyle habits could you slightly alter to add years onto your life?

Could you have one less glass of wine a week?

Could you have one less meal with meat per week?

Could you increase the veggies you eat by a slice, stick, or floret?

Small habits, over time, create big changes. How can you increase your life expectancy?

And don’t say by not watching The Bachelor. I’ll gladly accept the lost brain cells. New season starts Monday Jan 6th

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it. Xo Glenn