Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How To Change Your Identity Without A Ski Mask

July 31, 2019

Photo by Brian A Jackson iStock / Getty Images Plus

Wanna change your identity?

For over 20 years, my identity was my job.  I was a morning show radio co-host.  I wrote funny songs.  I even had another name, Glenn The Funny Song Man. In November of 2016, that identity was no longer as I got transferred to Star 102.  Oh, I had other identities.  I was also a husband, a dad, a son, but nothing defined me like my job.  Nothing gave me the ego boost or the satisfaction that I had a solid career and things were going my way, the way I had planned.

Until my plan was no longer.  Suddenly, I didn't have an identity.  I began to waiver and wonder my purpose.  I went into a depression and didn't allow the other things that I was to take over.  Sadly, being a husband or father didn't give me the emotional high they should've.  I thought of myself as a 3-7 DJ. I needed answers and I needed them quick.

I started doing a lot of reading...Self-help type stuff about how you overcome and focus on what you have and not what you don't.  It helped a little.  I started focusing more on Church with my family to get "inspired", but I realized that I was putting band-aids on the real problem.  Who was I?

I read a book recently called "Atomic Habits".  The author is James Clear.  I recommend it highly.  The basic principle is that if you build up very tiny habits and do them consistently, you will see change gradually.  I wrote a list of all the things I am.  I am a husband.  I take it seriously.  I wanna be the best husband I can be.  I have failed miserably in the past, but day by day, I'm gonna get a tiny bit better.  I am a father.  I lose my patience a lot, but I'm gonna build up tiny habits and take longer to react to something until I feel I have control.  The book goes on to say that if you are a smoker trying to quit, don't say "No, I'm trying to quit" if someone offers you a smoke, politely refuse and call yourself a non-smoker.

How you look at yourself is the key to changing your identity and it's never too late.  Wanna take up running?  Run to the end of the driveway and call yourself a runner.  Do that every day until you can do more.  In time, you will go to the end of the street, around the block, etc.  You ARE a runner.

Wanna be a good cook?  Start by opening up a cook book every day and reading it.  Do it consistently and often.  Then, cook something small like a hard-boiled egg.  Perfect it, then move on.  There is no rush.  Call yourself a COOK!

It's never too late to change who you are.  Don't let any one thing define you, because you can be anything.  Today, I am a husband, a father, a son, a cook, a runner, home construction worker, and last but certainly not least, I am a broadcast professional on an iconic Cleveland radio station.  Ok, even I giggled at the professional part.  My mindset has changed, and so can yours.

All my best as you uncover your best self  xoxo Glenn