Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Hit The Pause Button

January 23, 2019

Hey guys, I hope you had a good week.  I got to spend some much needed time with Steph and the kids with all this snow.  At home.  Not going anywhere.  No soccer, no basketball, no shopping, no appointments, nowhere to be.  

Waking up on Sunday we had to figure out what size lego house we were gonna build.  We had to figure out what type of pasta we would use for the spaghetti (we went with orecchiette).  There was the extremely difficult chore of figuring out what family movie to watch on Netflix.  Who was gonna sit with who on the couch, and who was gonna bring down the sleeping bags so we could just all camp out on the floor.

Monday, after talking to the kids about Dr. King and all his accomplishments to unite us, we had to figure out what sized snow fort to build.  We settled on a rather large one with a full tunnel.  

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio

Tomato soup or chicken noodle soup?  Pepperoni or cheese?  Isn't it nice to put aside our everyday and hit the pause button?  How often do you hit that button?  Why do we wait until it's impossible for us to do the numerous chores we "have" to do each and every day?  Why not take a day a month (or more) to pause and take in the beautiful blessings bestowed upon you? The laundry will be there, so will the bills, the grocery shopping, and everything else you do.  Life moves pretty quick.  Life with kids moves even quicker (My modified Ferris Bueller quote).  You won't remember that to-do list when you're old, but you will remember that epic snow fort you built..Especially if you post it to Instagram.  That internet stuff never goes away.  

Have a wonderful week, my friends.  Peace and love to you  Glenn ;)