Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Guys, Listen Up!

June 25, 2019

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So, those of you that know me and read my blogs know that a lot of what I talk about comes from me having an epic fail, learning from it, and trying to help others.  I'm not naturally smart, I screw up to be.  With that being said, I had an epic fail this weekend.

Steph had a conversation with me last week about our youngest starting Safety Town this week.  Like a typical guy, I responded "That's great", and then promptly forgot about ever having the conversation until WE completely forgot that this week meant THIS WEEK!!  I already took him to school and couldn't get him back in time for his first class.  Not good.  Kid's need a town to teach them safety, and now my kid won't know what to do in case of a fire or how to cross the street.  I say WE, because Steph takes care of most all the scheduling-kids-sports-carpools-summer camps-homework-everything while working full-time stuff due to my afternoon schedule.  I say WE because my response has always been to tell me when and where to show up and I'll be there, never fully knowing what was going on.  I say WE, because WE are a team and I don't always act like a teammate.

As guys, we sometimes act like there are prehistoric and pre-established roles.  We think we need to play the role of  HEAD bring home the bacon person, strong protector, lawn cutter, garbage taker-outer, and chief driver and direction/GPS follower. We kill bugs, unclog toilets, and pound our chest when our sports team make a good play.  "Wait till your father gets home" is our cue to raise our voice and lay down a punishment.  We'll throw the ball and give piggy-backs, and that's how we contribute.

WE means WE are involved in all aspects of parenting.  WE gives respect to your partner.  WE is necessary.  For the record, I am not this completely archaic in my thinking, but it's so important to cross check each other for the better of the household.  Instead of looking at life as "This is her job/This is my job", how great would it be if both people looked out for both people?  Making Steph succeed should be as important as her making me succeed. 

Ultimately, Steph figured out how to get Carter to Safety Town for the evening session so he didn't miss his first class. Ultimately, I learned the importance of taking notes on my phone so the in-and-out phenomenon stops happening with my ears.    

Peace and love in your relationships,  xo Glenn