Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Don't Worry About The Cards

December 18, 2019
christmas cards

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I read in Good Housekeeping (Don't ask, it was show prep) that the majority of us read the annual Christmas letter and roll our eyes at least once.

Maybe it was the part where your kid got yet another award at school. Maybe it was that trip to Australia where you posed with baby joey's and erected a yurt for some aborigines. Either way, if you are close to the person sending the letter, you already know the highlight reel from Facebook. My Christmas letter? The Anderson's did some things, the kids played some sports, and none of them like what we make for dinner. The end..LOL

This takes me to the subject of Christmas cards. I think it's amazing to send them to people you care about or want to send them to. I love seeing pictures of your family and displaying them. Fun fact, we keep all of ours. We have huge boxes of cards and it's interesting to look at how the families grow, or unfortunately sometimes fade apart. Lately I feel it has become less personal and something that HAS to be done because we're worried about what people will think. So, we stay up late, with our cute family address stamp and stuffing envelopes like we're on an assembly line of judgement..Is that what Christmas has become?

Send cards if you want to because you care about the person, not because Costco had a sale on the box of 50 or because you're up for a promotion and it's a solid career move to send one to the boss. For us, I'm not sure if any will get out or not because it's been busier than normal this year, but my kids look the same and I still like you a lot.

If you can't send us one, that's OK, too. Instead, pray for someone who fell on hard times, share a kind word, share a compliment, share one of those chicken sandwiches from Popeye's...Never lose sight of what the season is REALLY about.

Have a blessed Christmas with your family and friends xoxo Glenn