Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Do You Stand For Something?

January 8, 2019

Hello and happy new year to you all.  As we sit and iron out our resolutions for the new year (the next 10 days or so), I wanna offer you one that does not involve starving yourself. One that will begin to shape a stronger and more confident you. 

I’ve met with many radio show consultants over the years about how and what resonates with people and they all have one bit of advice.  Stand for something. At times, I have dissected just what this little phrase means. Does it mean I need to be more vocal about politics?  Does it mean I need to save whales?  Does it mean I should start a protest outside city hall?  Through the years, it has become abundantly clear what it means and I think it is an important lesson we all can get down with. Be yourself.

So often, the majority rule is the path to least resistance. I had a specific example of this happen to me over the holidays where my way of thinking went against the grain of the majority of people. So often, I was told what I should think, how I should act, and what my resolve should be. In those moments where the discomfort was so great, I kept having that little voice in my head saying “Stand for something”. So I did.  I didn't compromise my beliefs so that things could be easier.  I’m proud that I didn’t cave in to the pressures of social media, or anyone for that matter.  This is not to say that going against the grain is the key to happiness, because it’s not. It’s really a simple concept. Stand for something and be yourself. 

Earlier in life, I wanted to do nothing but fit in. Psychologists will say it’s because I didn’t have a father figure growing up, so I wanted to impress others for love and acceptance, but it was deeper than that. We all want to be liked. We try to become part of groups simply to have something in common with, even if that commonality is something toxic. How often do you find yourself ganging up on a co-worker because everyone else is?  How often do you find yourself shopping for the same handbags, posting the same rhetoric on Facebook, eating at the same places of people whose group needs another member?  Life is hard to do when you’re the only one doing it , but becoming someone you’re not.. just to fit in.. is harder. Stand for something. Be yourself. 

As a husband, father, friend, and co-worker, I try and live by this mantra everyday. I go against the grain a lot. I love Nickelback, I take bubble baths, I blast Lionel Richie from my Alexa, and I like romantic movies and talking. I live my life according to what I believe in, because I want those around me to love the crazy imperfect and flawed person that I am, yet know I am being authentic.

As this new year begins, I want you to stand for something. It’s when we compromise our beliefs that we lose self confidence. Some people might leave your life and that’s ok. Your renewed confidence will attract the people you’re supposed to be around. Plus, making this your focus still allows plenty of time to not count calories.   

All my best to you! Glenn ❤️--