Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Distancing From Your Family

March 24, 2020

Photo by iStock / Getty Images Plus

My dear friends Mike and Cathy have the perfect relationship. She is the super woman, PTA, sports-managing, keeps it all together head of the household mom, and he is a private pilot that flies the rich and famous all over the world. His schedule makes their marriage unique. He usually flies for a week and then comes home for a week. At the end of his tour, he misses her and the kids terribly, and her and the kids miss him. After he is home for a week straight, they are all getting on each other’s nerves and she can’t wait to see him go. Only to repeat this process of missing each other and needing physical distancing.

I am reminded how important physical distancing is right about now. Not just because of the droplets the person at Giant Eagle has waiting for you, but how very close we all are to one another in our homes. Seeing all the videos and posts about creative ways families and people are passing the time is great, but those posts have only replaced the look at me and my perfect life scenarios. I appreciate the positivity and will never fault anyone for spreading joy, but for those that are establishing very different and new routines, which is all of us, we all might feel we are failing. This feeling gets stronger as the days and weeks continue on, and your kids are doing bible studies with each other and mine are finding new and creative ways to injure each other’s weiners. Madelyn is excluded from that, for now at least.

Everyone’s situation is different. The sick person, the person trying to juggle it all while concentrating on work, the person struggling with loneliness, and the person trying to figure out how to make money. All of it is exacerbated if we don’t physically distance ourselves from what is happening in the confines of our 4 walls.

I love my family dearly. All of them equally, except the one whining in the moment. Being around them non-stop is just not healthy, though. They would say the same thing. It’s like if you ate Chick fil-A 7 days a week. After a few weeks, you’re gonna wanna eat more cow. Physical distancing is a must in order for all of us to be our best selves. Now I want waffle fries.

We currently have a stay at home order, so it limits the distancing we can actually do, but do it anyways. I went for a run this morning. I felt guilty, because it was in the middle of the school day and it threw off the routine I’m trying to establish, but it helped my mental routine. Find ways for your kids to be apart. Give your spouse an hour to herself doing whatever she wants to do. Get outside...Run, walk, unicycle..I don’t care how cold it is. Drive. Just get in the car and go, gas is cheap.. Go through the Metroparks and listen to your favorite radio station (I have one if you’re struggling). Go during the day, go in the middle of the night, but leave your house. Don’t feel guilty. Just...Go..Then, go visit someone who is by themselves. Check on them . Take your boombox over to them and play music for them from 6 feet away.

When you come back, hopefully you’ll have a renewed sense of motivation that you can handle this quarantine, and actually embrace all the beauty you have yet to see that lies within it. The lifelong memories you’re creating. The compassion you are creating in your kids, and how we may never have a chance like this again to bond so intimately with one another.

Governor Dewine says physical distancing is a must. I learned that last week while enjoy a Chardonnay at 2pm..#WineWithDewine...But even when this is over with, and it will come to an end, physical distancing should continue so we all can all experience the life that my friends Mike and Cathy have. 24/7 of anything is toxic, except maybe oxygen.

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it

xoxox Glenn