Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Celebrating Kindness Week

January 28, 2020
kindness week

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio

I had an amazing opportunity to go to Brook Park Memorial Elementary School in my old hometown to help them kick off Kindness Week yesterday. The fact that I was asked to be a part of something that is so near and dear to my heart was very humbling. Besides greeting parents and kids as they arrived at school, I was asked to go around to a number of classes, from kindergarten through 4th grade, to talk to them about what it takes to be kind. The interesting thing, is that they did most of the talking.

As a society, we are always so focused on all the bad that’s happening in schools, why levy’s want all our money, bullies, drugs, and curriculum. I can’t tell you how many of my fellow parents focus on all the negatives when I see so much good firsthand. The kids were very excited to share how they were collecting canned food items for local pantries, making it a point to smile to at least 25 people each day, and a few classes were even writing Valentine’s Day cards for nursing home patients nearby. Now, of course they were probably told to do these things, but they were not told to be so enthusiastic about sharing that message with me. That comes from within.

My main message to them was that you should start by being kind to yourself and staying healthy, followed by being kind to your parents, teachers, and classmates, beginning with a simple hello and a smile, and finally being kind to the earth, no plastic straws!! Nothing groundbreaking, but if actually followed on a consistent basis, can have amazing consequences.

As a parent, my number one goal is to not raise an a*****e. While some parents focus on academics and sports with a win at all cost attitude, to me, if you don’t start with being nice first, the other stuff doesn't matter in the least.

This world is going to be cruel to our kids. It’s not our job to protect them from all the bad so they have no backbone and no coping skills as adults, but to help create the character to deal with it all through grace, humility, and laughter. For the kids at Brook Park Memorial and in so many other school districts, they are well on their way!

All my best as you figure out life, and all the relationships in it...kindly xoxo Glenn