Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Back To School And All Inclusive

August 27, 2019

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Have you ever gone on an all-inclusive vacation?

You know the kind.  Some fancy resort or cruise, where all the activities, food, drinks, tips, and a nightly rub-down from Guillermo are all included.  You don't have to think about a thing.  Even if you've never had the privilege of vacationing this way, you can still appreciate the idea of it.  So with that being said, why do we only associate all-inclusiveness with vacationing?

As my daughter goes back to school, I have been really focusing on the term "all-inclusive" as she is about to experience the exact opposite in the inescapable vortex that is..middle school.  In fact, it's already upon her.  Lots of boys and girls she knows, forming cliques and secret societies that aren't so secret when they're broadcast over social media.  

"People are gonna disappoint you", I tell her.  "Remember that feeling and live your life all-inclusive"

You see, my Madelyn is a middle of the road child by "social norms".  There is no shame in saying that and maybe you can relate.  She is ok in school, and she is ok in sports. These two areas are where "cliquing" happens the most, and because she is just "ok", she is often overlooked. 

But, this is the single biggest lesson a child can learn and the greatest testament to a child's character and the adult they will soon become.  Learn to be all-inclusive.

As your children begin a new school year (mine start tomorrow), teach them to not be in a clique, but to be in everyone's clique.  Teach then that friendships don't exist or flourish because someone has an Iphone, someone can score more goals, or someone is smarter in science.  Teach them that the friend who is playing with no one on the playground matters.  The student without the Vans matters.  The girl with the divorced family can still love.  The boy who rides his bike alone and sings to himself isn't weird, but creative.

Let the feeling of being left out resonate with them instead of trying to stop them from hurting.  Encourage them to never make others feel that way, and then sit back and be proud of your middle of the road kid with the leader of the pact character.

Make your tribe AND your clothing-optional resort all-inclusive.

Here's to improving your relationships one day at a time xoxox Glenn