Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Are You Transparent With Yourself?

March 5, 2019

Everyone seems to be throwing around the word "transparent".  Be transparent to your spouse, be transparent with your friends, to the mail carrier, the dog walker.  It's an effort to bring more authenticity to your life and that's an encouraging thing, but what about being transparent with yourself?

Have you ever wondered who you really are?  I do this sometimes, wondering who my authentic self is.  Since I do radio, my job is to entertain and be happy, even if I'm not in a happy mood.  I can assure you, there are days I have to fake it.  There are days I am angry, sad, got in a fight with Steph, yelled at the kids, didn't get enough sleep, got too much sleep.  In some ways, it's the ultimate therapy to have to be "on".  There are some days where it actually helps change the course of my mood.  I have wondered so much about my interactions with people and if those around me are being authentic or if they secretly don't like me.  It can be maddening if you worry about if others are being transparent, which is why I concentrate on myself.

Who are you?  What are the things that make you happy?  Be honest with yourself when you answer.  Too often, we are trying to live out everyone's idea of who we should be, what we should post about on social media, what's best for our kids, and how our wardrobe and interior decorating should look like.  

I enjoy being transparent because I am confident in my likes and dislikes, even if they don't follow what society dictates.  My favorite movie is Titanic, I love Nickelback and Imagine Dragons.  I can't stand paczki's and I enjoying spreading God's joy.  I am not ashamed of who I am, even if I should cool it on the Nickelback posts on Facebook.  When I try and close off who I am, I am truly unhappy.  

The people I surround myself with are incredibly transparent and speak the truth, even if it's something I don't want to hear.  They are real and honest.  I appreciate them more that way.  We all secretly crave the truth, even if we don't like the message.  My wife is the ultimate example of this, and without her, I could not grow as a person. I shy away from those situations where everyone is blowing smoke at one another, although pleasing, because it's fake and I'm incredibly awkward with small talk.  I'm even more awkward when there's a break in the conversation and I say something weird to avoid the silence. 

Keep looking for ways to find out who your authentic self is and then live that life.  And if you have a spare ticket to the next Nickelback show and no friends to go with, you know where to find me between 3-7 weekdays.  

Peace and Love, Glenn xo