Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Are You Living In The Moment?

January 7, 2020
live in the moment

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The last half of 2019 ended on a low note. As summer came to an end, there were so many situations with people that I love facing insurmountable struggles. As someone who has been called sensitive a time or two, I take on those burdens and make them my own. I go down the rabbit hole of feeling loss and sadness and it messes with me in numerous ways. It overtakes my marriage, my relationship with my kids, and my overall disposition until I get into a head space that is healthy. There's only one course of action that remotely helps in those situations and that’s to live in the moment.

It’s a quote that looks good on an Instagram post or that small wooden sign on your Chip and Joanna inspired built-in. This quote is about as useless as a quote about eating more fruits and vegetables. We get it, but do we TRULY get it?

Anxiety lives in the past and the future. As a parent, I am constantly plagued with toxic thoughts. Will I live to see my kids graduate? Will today be the day I get a diagnosis? Will the text I send my loved ones be the last one they ever read from me? Plane crashes, car accidents, job today the day? I know you've been there, but how long do you stay there?

For 2020, I encourage you to live in the moment. It’s the only thing you have active control over.. Your past can’t be fixed, only learned from. Your future didn’t happen, and there is no way to know what will happen, so why worry about it?

Be aware, be present. Treat the ones you love with a sense of urgency, knowing you can control your sense of peace in the moment. Treat every conversation and text message with a sense of confidence knowing you feel good about how things were left. If you don’t, fix In the present.

If you allow yourself to be consumed with what ifs, you will never be happy. That goes for your past as well as your future..If you allow yourself to think of the negatives in any situation, you will have no mental capacity for the positives. Anxiety and depression can be somewhat controlled with the mind if you can block out the noise.

This moment. Right now. Make it count.

All my best to you as you figure out life and the relationships in it xoxo Glenn