Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Are You Going Through The Big Change?

June 4, 2019

Photo by Robertobinetti70 iStock / Getty Images Plus

Are YOU going through the big change?  No, I'm not talking about sleepless nights and hot flashes, I'm talking about the transition that is known as summer break.  Summer break is often defined by the following symptoms:

-Lack of daily routine for your children

-Lack of daily routine for you

-Cries of boredom and nothing to do, even though our kids have more creature comforts than the little Markle baby 

-Grandparents who graciously watch their grandkids, yet provide them sugar like it's a ticket into Heaven

You are not alone.  The lack of school, although fun at first, becomes somewhat taxing on us parents because it's up to us to fill their 10 weeks with summer camps and activities.  Sure, sports is a great time-taker-upper, but what kids crave most is routine.  How do you put the routine back into yours and your child's life?    

Steph and I struggle in this area.  I would love to be the parents who say "Go play outside" and be home by dinner, but we aren't comfortable with that.  So, we look for ways to keep things as routine as possible. Here are some things we do:

-Summer Camps that fuel their mind, body, and faith

-Actively taking each kid for one on one time.  This can be an activity, or just out to eat, but making a schedule and following it

-Continue to plan dinners and eat at the same time each night, but having our kids help more with the prep and clean-up

-Allowing them to stay up later, but also not sleep the morning away

-Summer workbooks so they don't completely forget everything..No more than 10-15 minutes a day.  My kids will forget their ABC's if we don't do this

-Limited tablet time.  Go outside, for the love!

MOST IMPORTANTLY?  Enjoy the time with your kids.  They won't be young forever.  Next year at this time, they may not even like you.  Summer goes quick, remember those old Cedar Point commercials with the snow covering the Gemini?  Enjoy the season you're in always.  

All my best xoxox Glenn