Glenn's Weekly Motivational-All You Need Is...Time

February 27, 2019

I read an article that said the ideal amount of free time humans need each day is 2.5 hours.  Any less, and we become stressed, any more and we feel lazy and unproductive.  How do you spend your free time, assuming you even have it?

Let me guess, it's probably a lot like mine.  Maybe you work all day, and then you're running your kids everywhere to their practices and games.  Maybe you're taking care of a sick parent.  Maybe you're in the restaurant or health industry where long hours make you forget what day it is.  Whatever you do, perhaps that 2.5 hours comes at the end of your responsibilities and consists of falling into a recliner or couch and passing out.  How rewarding.

The thing is, is that most of us have that 2.5 hours every day that seemingly is ours for the taking, but we don't spend it the right way because we're too tired to enjoy it. When you hear free time, maybe you picture relaxing at the spa, getting manis and pedis, and then retiring to your she shed with a mimosa and reading the latest book from Rachel Hollis.  Sounds fun, but it's unrealistic on a daily basis.  How can you make better use of your free time?

Steph and I both took the day off on Monday.  We got the kids to school, wrapped up some loose ends at our jobs, and spent the day together.  We went to the auto show when they opened, we went out for a sushi lunch when no one was there, walked around Costco when it wasn't a Saturday afternoon and all of Strongsville was present, and then ended the afternoon at our favorite Italian restaurant for a glass of wine during this phenomenon they call the weekday happy hour.  The greatest part of our day was actually being awake in each other's presence.  We talked..alot.  We talked about meaningful things, not just our kid's schedules.  We talked about hopes and dreams and vacation ideas and how to decorate the house and why my ideas aren't as good as hers because I'm color-blind.  

We can't do this everyday.  We can't even do this once a week, but we put forth the effort to do something that made the most of the time we had.  That day will stay with me for a long time.  As you look to spend your free time more productively, realize that sleep and self preservation is necessary to be your best self.  For your kids, for your spouse, for your co-workers, friends and parents.  I spent 20 years being sleep deprived and let me tell you, it was so unhealthy for not only me, but everyone around me.  You really can be the best for all those that count on you when you have a fresh mind and an even fresher attitude.  If you can, take opportunities to combat the routine and refresh your soul.  Sleep more instead of wasting time trying to find something to binge on Netflix.  And, if you have a spare 2.5 hours with nothing to do, I could use some help cleaning my basement, it's a mess.  

Peace and love,  xox Glenn