Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Turning On The Light When Life Gets Scary

October 30, 2018

Life is scary, isn't it?  No, I'm not talking scary movies or haunted houses, or even the dentist bill after Wednesday.  I'm talking everyday life and the challenges we all face.  

I have a daughter in 5th grade, a son in 1st grade, and a pre-schooler.  I was always under the impression that when they hit middle school, that's when the problems would begin.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  Each one of my children has to face something I wasn't prepared for.  From bullying, to bringing weapons to school, to hearing about the deplorable home life of certain students and the conditions they live under that they think are normal.  It's so much to deal with as a parent, because you want to have the answers kids need, yet you're too busy shaking your head in disbelief.

Oh, and it's not just kids that make life scary, it's everything.  From the need to keep up with others, to the death of a parent, to affording your mortgage, to putting food on the table. Life is a complete uphill climb, both ways in the snow with no shoes..But here's the thing YOU need to keep in mind: The view can be beautiful while you're on that mountain, but you have to remember to look.

How often have you lamented about doing something, only to feel sadness when you don't have that opportunity again? What a pain it is to give up an afternoon visiting your mom when you're so busy, plus the internet guy is coming between 12-4, and then she passes away and you'd give anything to have another opportunity.  Or having to give the kids baths or wipe their butts when you haven't done the bills in weeks...And then they move out and the house is quiet.  How often do you sit back and really cherish whatever you have?  Here's the thing, none of us do it in the moment because the moment is always filled with stress and a to-do list a mile long at all times. 

Yes, life is scary. We all can suffocate if we never take in the beauty that is surrounding each and every one of us.  Look for the light at the end of the tunnel instead of the darkness.  As a human being, it is much easier to be a pessimist than an optimist. We seek comfort in other's misery and it takes the burden off of us from having to fix the problem.  Be the optimist.  Put in the work. Ever see others around you that are happy all the time?  Even people will insurmountable problems smiling and doing for others? Their ability to turn on the lights is directly associated with the effort they make in blocking out the bad. You will never have a perfect life. No matter whose highlight reel you see on Facebook and envy because you think they have it figured out. In case you’re wondering, they don’t.  With that being said, concentrate on turning on the lights, opening the shades, and being the sunshine in someone else's life!