Glenn's Weekly Motivational (Winning Over Your Self-Inflicted Anxiety)

October 23, 2018

Anxiety is a very real thing, but how often is your anxiety self inflicted? 

You know what I mean, you lie awake in bed thinking about your looming to-do list, all the activities the kids need to be picked up and dropped off from, what's for dinner, who has appointments, homework, job deadlines...I bet reading this is making your heart beat a bit faster.

I have had things that keep me awake, especially on Sundays.  How can I possibly get everything done this week?  What will get in my way?  What won't work out that I didn't take into account?  How can I prevent something bad from happening?  

This is what I mean by self-inflicted anxiety. Worrying about bad things happening before anything even happens. How often to we work ourselves up, only to get through the day realizing it wasn't nearly as bad as we thought?

I do not have a magic answer for stopping your mind from thinking a certain way, if I did I would be rich.  What I do want to tell you is to be in control of the things YOU can control.  You can control your life by three things:

1. Be Prepared.  No, it's not just a song from The Lion King. Unnecessary worrying comes from doing something at the last minute without confidence. There are times I turn on the mic and have no idea what I'm going to say, and you know what?  I screw up my words and sound like a career in communication was a bad choice.  Don't turn on your own personal mic without knowing what you're gonna say.

2. Be Open To Change.  When it absolutely has to be a certain way, in a certain time-frame, with certain people, etc is when disappointment is at its peak.  You're setting yourself up for failure.  If things always worked out like you imagined them, you would never grow and learn.  Maturing and developing happens when you're faced with failure and need to overcome.  I see those quotes all the time that say "scream plot twist" when things don't work out.  Follow that.  You will be ok if you're open to change.

3. Be Optimistic.  I know, easier said than done.  Just be happy.  Well, it doesn't work that way.  The only way to have a positive attitude is by making others happy through your efforts.  Give someone a compliment today just to give them one. Not to be liked, or for ulterior motives.  You don't know what others are going through and quite frankly, it may be the one thing they need at the moment.  Making someone happy will create a brighter day for you and change your attitutude without  training your mind to think a certain way, it'll all be a by-product.

There's very little in life we can control, but if we can discipline ourselves to be in control of our reactions instead, then life just got a little bit better!

Have a blessed day..Glenn ;)