Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The 24 Hour No Complaint Challenge

March 19, 2019

Steph and I didn’t have a good weekend. Madelyn had a volleyball tournament on Saturday that we all went to and supported, which was nice..Sunday, we all played baseball in the sunshine, but her and I weren’t clicking and I know why.

As I analyze our relationship, as many of you might do in your own regards, I tend to get wrapped up in what’s missing. I want things to be perfect, and I often think if she would just do “this one thing” better, then I’d be perfectly content.  It's selfish, it's self-centered, and I don't like that I feel that way sometimes, but I do.This usually sends the conversation spiraling into an abyss of tears and low self-worth, followed by anger and then finally resentment.  All because I thought I was being open with my feelings and communicating.

I read this week about something called the 24 hour no complaint challenge. It’s exactly what you think it is, where you challenge yourself to not complain for a day. Complaining is something that becomes too easy. I do it myself more than I care to admit.  No matter what your life situation is, you sometimes feel there’s room to improve instead of realizing and appreciating what you have.  

Think of the things that cause you to complain in a typical day, and you’ll realize you do it more often then you even realize. That co-worker who’s annoying that you waste energy gossipping about, the person that cut you off in traffic, the person walking across the street too slow, the boss who expects you to do the work of 3 people, the spouse who chews like a squirrel eating a nut..I could go on and on.

The challenge is to not only stop complaining, but to redirect the thought that causes the complaining in the first place. Look, when I tell Steph what she’s not doing, all it does is put her on the defensive, which then makes me angry, and pretty soon you are left with two broken people over something silly. We tend to forget how negativity not only impacts the person receiving the message, but also the person delivering it. It affects both your mental health and physical health..NEGATIVELY.  Ultimately, what you were trying to achieve ends up not being the issue, and the way you went about it does.  Steph and I work so hard at identifying problems and working through them in constructive ways, but I’m human, and sometimes I let myself down..and her. By taking time to redirect and focusing on what’s good instead of what’s bad, it changes my mood.  Write it out on paper if you have to and look at it. It takes work, but it’s completely worth it.

Will the 24 hour no complaint challenge work for you? More importantly, will it give you the life you want for yourself and others?  

To read more about it and how it can positively affect your life, check it out here