Glenn's Weekly Motivational-A 2019 Approach To Generosity

July 2, 2019

Photo by Nikki Zalewski iStock / Getty Images Plus

It used to really bother me when someone would ask for me something. If I attended Church and they started down the whole "you need to give more", I would get frustrated. If my kids asked for just one more toy and then that would be it for the rest of their childhood, I would get mad because not only does it not last an entire childhood (who knew?) , it doesn't last past 5:21 in the evening.

Friends want stuff, my wife wants stuff, my mom wants a little bit of stuff.  I realized that I thought I was generous, but it was always on my terms.  It was what I wanted to give or not give.  I realized that I had conditional generosity that somehow would benefit me.  I would buy my kids that new video game, because I wanted to play it.  I would buy Girl Scout cookies because I was supporting young women..But mostly my need to fill my pie hole.  

You see it on social media all the time.  People taunting how they paid it forward, bought someone a meal, and relishing in the likes and "way to go" comments in their feed.  Conditional generosity.  Feeding their ego.  The opposite of generosity. 

I have had a few moments lately where it has dawned on me that generosity doesn't have to be hard.  Help out that guy begging for a dollar and quit worrying if he's gonna use it for booze or drugs.  If you are inclined, give to the church with a generous hand and stop thinking that now everyone who works there is gonna have a shiny new Cadillac. For your kids, the greatest thing you can give them is your time.  Give your spouse attention and put down your phone.  Give to your job and go above and beyond without preparing for the "I need a raise" talk.

Stop thinking "what's in it for me" and give without the need for reciprocation....If it makes you feel better, I'll like that meatloaf pic you posted on Instagram last night!

Peace and love in life and your relationships xoxo Glenn