Glenn's Weekly Motivational-How to Put the Esteem in Self Esteem

October 9, 2018

We all suffer from a lack of self esteem at some point in our lives.  Perhaps someone ruined your confidence, or maybe it's all self-inflicted.  I want to tell you you're not alone and that you can get it back.

You get it back, through SELF.  Plain and simple.  Too often in our lives, we focus on others as the key to happiness and confidence.  We post on Facebook and get gratification from likes, and feel sadness when no one comments.  We aim to impress in life because the reactions make us feel good, but what if the desired reaction never comes?  We fall even further down a hole towards low self-esteem. 

It's not only through social media channels, it's everything we do in life.  When we cook a great meal, we expect the ooh's and ahh's.  When we pay it forward at Starbucks, we are looking for the person behind us to do it, too .  When we hold the door open, we expect a thank you.  You can say you don't have those expectations, and maybe you don't, but you definitely notice when they don't occur.  What if all the good we did in life wasn't focused on what we got in return? What if it was just the act of being kind itself?  Here's what would happen, we would feel the self esteem we need by leading a life we can be proud of.  When you go to the gym or church, you feel better because of it.  You feel better because you know it's beneficial to you physically and spiritually.  Create those moments every day.  

Too often, we are alone and don't have people to encourage and guide us through the tough times in life.  Too often, we are navigating parenthood and our professions through a series of deadlines, and we don't spend enough time to do good for others simply for the sake of doing something good.  No ulterior motives.  Time is an excuse, and so is not having enough money. Get out and try to do one small thing a day simply because you want to.  Taking small chances to do things add up to big changes in your spirit and attitude.  Best of luck to you :)