Glenn's Weekly Motivational

September 18, 2018

Ever heard of the expression "Social Media Influencer?"  What does it mean? 

Basically, it's someone who gets paid to tell you how great a product or service is.  They are people who are paid to influence you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else.  Sometimes it's hard to tell that they're even trying to sell you on anything, and that's why they get paid the big bucks.  You'll see celebrities hawking makeup, mom's selling you on the latest organic food for babies and so on.  Sometimes we think it would be cool to have this life and be given all those freebies.  What person wouldn't want free protein bars for a year to go on Twitter and say they're great?

To me, we all have the power to be a social media influencer and we don't even need to have a following like Kim Kardashian. Think about how you are influenced by what you see on your phone. Who is posting pics of how perfect their life is?  Who is complaining about the president?  Who tried that new pad Thai recipe and was it any good?  We are influenced in positive and negative ways all the time by what we see.

Do you know that you have the ability to influence someones life in a positive way?  Doesn't matter how many friends you have.  Doesn't matter if you're in the public eye or not.  Sharing a kind word, a compliment, a motivational quote, a sentence of encouragement might be just the thing someone needs.  We are all struggling and fighting our own battles.  Let's all be the strong social media influencers we are capable of....And if anyone needs some kind words about protein bars, hit me up..I'm all out.