Glenn's Review Of The Illusionists at Playhouse Square

January 8, 2020
the illusionists

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio

I took my 8 year old son Cooper to check out the Illusionists at Playhouse Square last night.  He is fiercely into magic, and this to me seemed like a good way to kill a few hours with something he enjoys, so that was my mindset going in.

And my mindset going out was OMG!!!!!!  What an incredible show..THE ILLUSIONISTS – LIVE FROM BROADWAY™ has shattered box office records and it's now apparent why.  You're not gonna see someone pull a rabbit out of a hat, you are gonna see things that defy logic.  No, I'm not being dramatic either.  We were seated close to the stage, literally feet from the performers, and I can't begin to tell you how they did some of the tricks.  Sometimes you see things on TV or Youtube and think that plays into the illusion.  I can tell you watching it live, I am still clueless.  That's kind of what you want, right?

You're gonna see some of the best illusions you have ever seen.  Slight of hand tricks, quick change performances, death defying acts of bravery, and one illusionist even makes it snow inside The Connor Palace.

Combine this with audience participation and loads of comedy throughout, and you have a show that all ages can enjoy.  In fact, for opening night, we even got to witness a proposal on stage.

If you're into magic, this is not to be missed.  If you're not into magic and completely skeptical, this is not to be missed.  If you have a kid and looking to kill a few hours where they're not on their tablet..This is not to be missed.

THE ILLUSIONISTS – LIVE FROM BROADWAY™ is playing through January 11th and tickets start at just 10 bucks.  Get more info and tickets HERE

the illusionists
Photo credit-The Illusionists