Glenn Lost An Important Member Of His Family On Father's Day

June 19, 2018

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio


Father's Day started off completely normal.  I woke up with a tremendous feeling of gratitude for my life, my kids, everything.  I sat down and wrote my 3 kids a letter about why I'm so honored to be their dad.  I made coffee for my wife and I, we talked about the day on the back patio, we were going to Church, gonna give our dog a bath, out to eat with my mom because Monday was her birthday, and then home to swim with the family.

Olive our puggle was 13 years old and developed a staph infection in her paw a few months back.  We've been trying to keep it under control with strong antibiotics and wrapping it in a bandage so she wouldn't bite at it.  Our life for the past 6 weeks was feeding her by hand, changing her bandages, pills around the clock to keep her comfortable, and seeing how sad she became wearing a cone and sleeping all the time.

Sunday morning we took the bandage off and it was obvious her infection got so much worse.  Her whole limb was swollen, and bleeding.  Steph and my daughter brought her in and I stayed back with my boys.  After about 3 hours, we got the news that one of the only options was amputation.  They weren't sure if she would even be a candidate for the surgery given her age and underlying conditions. She had lost all feeling in her paw and it was "dead" for all intents and purposes  We would have to put her through so much testing and she would have to live at the vets for weeks. We made the difficult decision to stop her suffering. 

Having children and teaching them about death is never easy, especially when they see you crying. Father's Day taught me how important it was to be a father in that moment, and that was to comfort my kids despite any pain I was going through. That's the job of being a parent, to put your needs aside and concentrate on where you are needed.  I will always remember Olive and the happiness she brought all of us.  The house sure is quiet.