Ever Heard Of The Wine and Egg Diet?

August 16, 2018

Everyone loves a fad diet.  A quick way to lose a few pounds and certainly not something one could maintain.  Have you tried the Wine and Egg Diet?

 This diet was first published in the book, “Sex and the Single Girl,” way back in 1962 and promised to melt away five pounds if you ate hard-boiled eggs and drank Chablis for three days. The wine and eggs diet was reprinted in the 1977 beauty issue of “Vogue” and here’s what this crazy diet wanted women to eat:


1 egg, hard-boiled

1 glass white wine (dry, preferably Chablis)

Black coffee


2 eggs, hard-boiled is best, but poached if necessary

2 glasses white wine

Black coffee


5-ounces steak, grilled with black pepper, lemon juice

Remainder of white wine (one bottle allowed per day)

Black coffee

So as you can see, to follow the wine and eggs diet, you really need to love hard-boiled eggs and be committed to maintaining a wine buzz for three days straight. Of course, this doesn’t sound like a healthy or nutritious way to live, although it does have a lot of protein? 

I don’t see the wine and eggs diet making a comeback, no one really drinks Chablis anymore anyway. Now if it was rosé......