Costco Is Selling a 4 Pound Pumpkin Pie

September 10, 2019
pumpkin fall

Photo by Jerry B7 iStock / Getty Images Plus

Attention Costco lovers: 

Costco is carrying a nearly FOUR-pound pumpkin pie. If you weren't excited for Thanksgiving before, I'll assume that I just created a small frenzy of warmth inside of you.

The 3.62 pound pie measures a foot in diameter and will feed your entire Thanksgiving crew—and then some.

Perhaps the biggest draw to this, is the price. The price seems to fluctuate among locations, but you can score this motherload of a pie for between $6 and $8.

There are technically 12 servings per container, but I'm thinking you could easily feed more people than that with this thing. According to The Costco Magazine, which is always displayed prominently next to my toilet, the pie dough is made in-house.

At the Costco warehouse in Issaquah, WA, they make at least 10,000 pies—just in the five days leading up to Thanksgiving. Also, there are no preservatives, which is why the big pie is always refrigerated.

Instagram users have begun posting photos of the beloved pie. There's also a Facebook fan page that you can join.  Just search @Costcopie and fill your feed with pumpkin joy!