Rainy Day Things to Do In Cleveland With Your Kids

August 29, 2018

The next few days are gonna be kinda rainy in Cleveland.  Here are some ideas to do with your kids if they haven't gone back to school yet to avoid "I'm Bored" syndrome.

1. The Jump Yard- By and far one of my favorite places to go.  It accomplishes 2 tasks; The kids have fun, and it makes them go to bed earlier at night.  This is a must-try.

2. The Greater Cleveland Aquarium-We are so lucky to have our own aquarium.  It has been redesigned since opening and a ton of new things have been added.  Try this and then head to:

3. Sweet Moses Soda Fountain and Treat Shop-This is the perfect end to your aquarium adventure.  It's old-school, it's creamy, and you'll score brownie points if you or the kids get the brownie sundae.  See what I did there?

4. The Lake Erie Nature and Science Center-When it's too much to get to the zoo, you go here.  They have many cool animals and a planetarium which is the coolest and reminds me of my days with Mr. Linderman at Midpark High School. 

5. The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad-This is so much fun if you've never done it.  All kids love trains, and you couple that with a stop off in Peninsula for lunch and you could literally spend the entire day doing this.

6. Brook Park Skateland -This is wonderful 1980's fun. I used to skate semi-professionally as a kid and I used to train here often in my pink jumpsuit.  Take the kids here for an old fashioned afternoon of skating and hot dogs and nachos from the concession.  If the Q Bert machine is still there, do that, too.