Check Out This Amazing Taco Trail in Cleveland

Thank me later.

March 9, 2018
Cleveland Taco Bar Crawl

So, Taco Tuesday is your thing, I know it’s mine. The problem is, is that I want tacos every other day of the week. Recently, my mom bought me about 30 avocados because they were on sale at Aldi, so I spent some time stockpiling and freezing guacamole for whenever the need strikes. Bottom line, Cleveland has some amazing Mexican restaurants and what better than to hit up each and every place for something small? Sure, you can go on a bar crawl or wing crawl, but nothing sounds more festive than a taco crawl. Oh, and by the way, Cap’n Taco is number 1, my all-time favorite dive taco place in Cleveland!

Click HERE for the trail and thank me later!